vincent rijs (1948)

About Vincent Rijs
“Apparently Dead” and “Flying Lessons” are two themes in the solo exhibition of Dutch Photographer Vincent Rijs in which stuffed animals figure and play an extremely lively role. A third series of photographs refers to transformation and in two images the archetypal woman role from the male point of view. There are also a number of portraits in which the woman is portrayed powerful or tender and vulnerable.

Characteristic is a strong reference to the Dutch Golden Age of painting: Both in topic as in light. In addition, there is always a balanced styling of models. Rijs is full of humor and some self-mockery. He calls his style magical realistic with a touch of surrealism, mixed with a small dosage vintage and nostalgia.

About Vincent Rijs: In 2009 he ended his work at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and began his training at the Image Masters Photography Lab, Amsterdam, where he graduated in 2012. In 2010 he settled as an autonomous photographer. His portfolio includes work for Vogue Italy.

Rijs: “I shoot with my head, impressions eventually converted in an image. Still I experience that visualization process with wonder, similar to the former analog printing process of the predigitale era. Pure Magic if the image appears in the coating”.

Vincent Rijs, geboren 1948 te Amsterdam. Eigenaar Vincent Rijs Studiofotografie, opleiding aan de fotovakschool en de 3jarige opleiding Masters Portrait aan het ImageLab, Amsterdam. Geëxposeerd o.a. in Amsterdam,Brussel, Antwerpen en Gdansk.

  1. Cleaning
  2. the crow that wanted te be a violin
  3. She is an actress
  4. portrait Kim
  5. portret van jennifer
  6. in the neighbourhoud of the madonna
  7. classical dream
  8. orfée

Curriculum vitae vincent rijs

vincent rijs
1948, Amsterdam
periode type institution richting diploma
2009 - 2012 overig ImageLab Fotoacademie Masters Portrait ja
periode naam plaats solo/group omschrijving
2013 CNCPT13 galerie Amsterdam solo solo tentoonstelling "Behind the Mirror
2012 Inspired by Light Amsterdam solo solo expositie
2011 Yourney Home Amsterdam solo soloexpositie
2009 galerie Het Kunstbedrijf Heemstede groeps expositie
2007 Archetypen 's-Graveland solo overzichtstentoonstelling
2005 kunstloods 6 amsterdam groeps
1997 expositieruimte raadskelder culemborg groeps
1996 gallerie rivierenhof deurne, belgië groeps
1995 galeria fotografia gdansk, polen groeps uitwisselingsproject
1994 Algemene Hogeschool Amsterdam Amsterdam groeps expositieruimte
1993 Amsterdams Historisch Museum Amsterdam groeps
1988 Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam - NAFV Amsterdam groeps
1992 expositieruimte luchthaven Antwerpen Antwerpen solo vrouwen rondom de Al-Aksa Moskee
1992 expositieruimte luchthaven Zaventhem Brussel solo vrouwen rondom de Al-Aksa Moskee