Oberon Kok (1978)

After graduating with honors from Minerva Art Academy in early 2002 with my award winning
graduation project, I have been active as a Graphic Designer and Independent Artist under the name
" Home Made " for the last 9 years. Within those years I have been establishing a solid reputation as a designer, known for my strong visual designs and concepts, eye for detail and sense of humor displayed in my work. I am a committed individual and a creative and original graphic designer who brings a passion for design, typography and art to my work.

In 2003 I was asked to join the Nike EMEA Apparel Design Department where I gave my contribution to various design teams, categories and collaborating with key accounts such as Foot Locker Europe.
At Nike I was able to build up a solid understanding of apparel graphic design, consumer needs and all of the current trends and techniques in the industry, enabling me to make collections successful an highly profitable. Many of my "Quick Turn Tees" and “Graphic Tees”, programs that Nike runs, had a very high sell-through and high volume. Also designing Headwear and new Trims for each season; both product and graphics.

In 2008 I decided to go work as a freelance designer, enabling me to expand my creative palette
and allowing me more time to be dedicated to my Independent Art. The majority of my clients are
active within the Fashion Apparel Industry. Clients have included; K-Swiss Europe, Protest Boardwear,
Scotch & Soda, Robe di Kappa, No Excess, Excessive, Nike Sportswear, Mud Jeans, Hort, Streetlab,
Pakhuis de Zwijger and View2 Magazine.

Driven by my interest for Asian culture and seeing a great opportunity to expand my knowledge,
I relocated to the city of Chongqing, China, mid 2009, to teach at an Art & Design Academy.
I have been helping students to develop their creative abilities and confusing random Chinese people.

As an Independent Artist I have participated in numerous exhibitions and art shows across
Holland, Europe and New York City.

  1. untitled
  2. untitled
  3. Wij amuseren ons kapot! (Gijzelings Spel)
  4. Wij amuseren ons kapot! (Sex Spelen)
  5. Wij amuseren ons kapot! (Groot Blank Racisme Spel)
  6. Wij amuseren ons kapot! (Executie Spel)
  7. Wij amuseren ons kapot! (Klassiek Russisch Roulette)
  8. Wij amuseren ons Kapot! (Nieuwe Religie Spel)
  9. Wij amuseren ons kapot! (Zwart Racisme Spel)
  10. Wij amuseren ons kapot! (Home Made Games Logo)
  11. E1 (Hawaii)
  12. E1 (headphones)
  13. E1(road)
  14. E1 (harbor)
  15. Home Made Graphic Design Always Constructing

Curriculum vitae Oberon Kok

Oberon Kok
1978, Delft
periode type institution richting diploma
1996 - 2002 kunstacademie Academie Minerva, Groningen Grafische Vormgeving ja
periode naam plaats solo/group omschrijving
2002 Febr. 8th - 15th Jonge Honden Deluxe Groningen, Holland groeps Eindexamen expositie
2002 July 12th - 14th Around the Clock La Spezia, Italy groeps Internationaal kunst festival voor sub culturen
2 tm 11 augustus 2002 Kunst in en om de kerk Vierhuizen, Holland groeps
2002 Sept 13th – 27th ‘Jong Talent’ Amsterdam, Holland groeps
4 tm 11 oktober 2002 Nominatie exposistie Academie Minerva Groningen, Holland groeps
2003 May 17th- 20th ‘Canary in a Coal mine’ at Gallery 91 New York City, USA groeps
2003 June 24th- July 20th 'Minerva 2002' at Art Gallery Noord Groningen, Holland groeps
2003 July 18th - 20th 'Around the Clock' International Festival for Subc La Spezia, Italy groeps
2003 October 24th 'Floss' Multi Media Night Leeuwarden, Holland groeps
2003 Nov. 1st - Dec 28th 'Noorderpoort College' Groningen, Holland groeps
2005 Jan. 21st - 23rd 'Premium Tyvec Jacket' at Premium Fashion Trade Sh Berlin, Germany groeps
2005 Apr. 1st - Oct. 30th 'De Hugt' Groningen, Holland groeps
2008 May 10th - 18th 'Kunst Vlaai' (Art Pie International) Amsterdam, Holland groeps
2008 Aug. 22nd - Sept 26th 'Talented' Groningen, Holland groeps
2009, Jan. 30th - Feb. 20th 'Streetlab Project Space / The Housewarming' Amsterdam, Holland groeps
Prijzen en subsidies
periode type omschrijving
11 oktober 2002 prijs Academie Minervaprijs gewonnen voor de richting Communicatie Vormgeving/ Grafische vormgeving