Alina Smocov (1979)

To be an artist has been my persistent drive. I am searching for serenity, calmness and purity as well as pure existence.
A very important moment in my life was to stay ten minutes in silence during a Taize praying. That moment was so profound that I wanted to incorporate it in my artworks. I am searching for the deeper meaning of silence. My artworks show how I experience silence, namely as a moment of power, reflection, meditation, concentration, loneliness, illusion. The whole world is full of sounds, informations, deadlines. I want to find a balance in life and share my experiences with the others, so that they also can calm down.
By my art I want to show the world that silence is essential for surviving and that there is not enough silence in our society today. I hope I can offer to the world a little bit of serenity.

  1. ''Three lights''
  2. ''Purity''
  3. ''Ballerina''
  4. ''Spirit''
  5. ''Pragnant woman''
  6. ''Innocence''
  7. ''I dont want to lose my heart''
  8. ''Light''
  9. ''Self portrait with tape''
  10. ''Light 1''
  11. ''Inner''
  12. ''Inner 2''
  13. ''Mary crying''
  14. ''Self portrait with scissers''
  15. ''Self portrait''
  16. ''Self portrait''
  17. ''Pragnant woman''
  18. ''Pragnant woman''
  19. ''Light''
  20. ''Three lights''
  21. ''Three lights''