Anne Schiffer (1980)

With my work I investigate the relation between (mostly commercial) stereotypes and human desires. My main interest here lies in the overblown aspects of this relationship: the mega-statussymbols, the super rich & famous etc. Especially how the hunt for status explicitly manifests itself in for instance urban aesthetics (e.g. the hiphop culture), fascinates me.

Within this context I am inspired by the biological priciple of mimicry: the imitation of one species (or group of species) by another. The most common form is Batesian mimicry in which for instance a harmless hoverfly is coloured like an unpleasant wasp in order to confuse a predator.

As the hoverfly imitates the wasp, I am trying to imitate commercial and cultural stereotypes: I am not trying to make a perfect imitation of the original, but rather approach the imitation of the original as effective as I can. This is the reason why I mostly use low-budget, low-grade materials in my work, like unprocessed polysterene and polyurethane foam: I explicitly try to leverage the contrast between the original and the copy as much as possible.

  1. gold fever
  2. gold nugget
  3. cave with cave man
  4. Anne's Noten Club
  5. collection of gun's
  6. platinum shower
  7. you can take me out the hood
  8. 100$
  10. smile
  11. dreamer, pleaser, supercar

Curriculum vitae Anne Schiffer

Anne Schiffer
1980, Dueren
periode type institution richting diploma
1999 - 2003 kunstacademie Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (HKU), Utrecht autonoom ja
2003 - 2005 kunstacademie DUtch Art Institute (DAI) MFA Beeldende kunst ja
periode naam plaats solo/group omschrijving
2006 artinterventions Majdanpek, Serbia groeps
2006 Hopes and Fears Pärnu, Estonia groeps
2006 ‘Je moeder!’ Rotterdam (CBK) groeps
2005 Nomadic Banquet New Delhi, India groeps
2005 Utrecht Uploaded!, Expodium Utrecht groeps
2004 Facts of Chance Tent/ Witte de With, Rotterdam groeps
Prijzen en subsidies
periode type omschrijving
2006 subsidie step beyond