Eva Gjaltema (1979)

I use images, collect images and take a lot of images with different camera’s.
I make use of the photographic medium to capture the passing of time and am fascinated by the medium’s complex relationship with memories and history.
I am specifically interested in the domestic environment: houses, the family, nature; this inspires me.
I make use of analogue and digital photography, do research about the impact of these different media and I present all images printed, in (handmade) photobooks, in installations, videos or blogs untill now.
I hope to always develop and learn more about my favorite medium.

Photography is about capturing the present in order to see it as the past
-Fred Ritchin-

  1. Tel Aviv I
  2. Marrakech I
  3. Granada I
  4. Trets I
  5. Granada II
  6. Granada III
  7. Amsterdam IV
  8. Trets II
  9. cabbage
  10. red fighting the green
  11. Still live II
  12. Still live I

Curriculum vitae Eva Gjaltema

Eva Gjaltema
1979, Zwolle
periode type institution richting diploma
2004 - 2008 kunstacademie Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten (KABK), Den Haag fotografie ja
periode naam plaats solo/group omschrijving
2010 Noorderlicht fotomanifestatie Leeuwarden groeps
2010 Photo book dummy and artist exhibition Arles groeps
2010 Illumination I & II Seelevel galery Amsterdam duo
2010 What dreams may come Wall gallery groeps
2009 Equational memories Meneer de Wit, Amsterdam duo
2009 Amsterdam Centrum voor fotografie Amsterdam duo
2008 BIs! selection of recently graduated artists Amsterdam groeps
2008 eindexamen expositie KABK Den Haag groeps
periode naam plaats type
2010 Seelevel galery Amsterdam galerie