zondagnacht 24 april 1994 van Sam Israël

zondagnacht 24 april 1994

zondagnacht 24 april 1994

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Sam Israël
grootte (b x h):
30 cm x 30 cm
doek (katoen)
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zondagnacht 24 april 1994 I ’m asleep and at a certain moment I discover that you are sleeping next to me. You touch me in order to make me awake, not for making love, we just exchange some jokes. I go downstairs to the bathroom. We know the house very well: The big hall by example, with a lot of wood, white painted, and the staircase, which is old fashioned. I ask you to be a bit quiet because of our parents, but shortly afterwards I regret having requested this. Then we go, at half past two in the middle of night, but outside it is even brighter than at daytime. Summer with the longest day is nearby and while you explain something about physics, your face is changing a bit and you start looking like G. Anyway, contact is now far less intense. Walking outside, I take my cycle with me and put it somewhere. But it‘s difficult and you help me a little bit with locking it up.