Plant Collection Frasso 2007 van erik alblas

Plant Collection Frasso 2007

Plant Collection Frasso 2007

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erik alblas
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Plant Collection Frasso - 2007 Serial of 16 pictures projected with a beamer The center of Frasso is decorated with a huge variety of plants. Almost every spot around those houses is used for out-door gardening and it's hardly to find a house that has no plants at all. It's shows a part of the identity of family who lives there. The plants are almost a part of the architecture of the village and I was wondering how it will look without any green. So I ask the habitants if I could remove the pot-plants for a couple of days and make a photo-documentation of the result. In the beginning it was not easy to convince people of my idea, some people where very afraid that their plants will damaged. (especially ladies with roses) But after a few agree to cooperate more families follow. The plants where collected at the square for the entrance of the center. It was very funny to see the people watching when I was giving them water every morning and evening. After 5 days the plants returned to the owners who where very happy to see their "little babies" again. More than 360 pot-plants where removed from the center and 12 houses where totally striped from there green.