Chant down Babylon van Bloem de Wilde de Ligny

Chant down Babylon

Chant down Babylon

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Bloem de Wilde de Ligny
grootte (b x h):
576 cm x 720 cm
alleen verkoop
€ 700

“Chant down Babylon”, is a 52 min surrealist silent movie about magic, fear and overcoming fear, love, humour, freedom and intuition. I applied various techniques, such as stop-motion animation, frame-by-frame modification of digital footage and still image, as well as moving footage and phone videos, in order to create a consequently inconsequent dreamlike world, creating patterns and breaking them, exploring the possibilities of (modifying) aesthetic and cinematic rules, and using music instead of words, expressing the emotions and story of the characters in a way that addresses the intuition and identification of the viewer. And, to possibly deliver the message: Open your eyes & ears, open your mind, open your heart. Don’t be angry, don’t be afraid. Be always generous. Stills printed on canvas or photopaper are available on request. Prices depend on size and material :)

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